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Personalized, in-home and virtual mental health care for teens 

and young adults with serious mental health conditions

The Program

Flourish Health’s treatment programs for teens and young adults with serious mental health diagnoses combine high-touch, in-person support with virtual therapeutic and psychiatric care, empowering our members to achieve effective and lasting outcomes.

Whole-Person Care

Our programs are delivered by a team of psychiatrists, therapists, guides - qualified mental health professionals - who work closely with one another to provide consistent and comprehensive care.

Types of Support

Supporting Technology

We also provide access to tools to enable communication between members, families and their Care Team and support more proactive outreach to our members.

What's Included

Program Benefits

No maze of healthcare providers.

No mountain of paperwork.

Get the care you deserve.

Personalized Treatment

Every members’ Flourish Health journey begins with an introductory call with our Admissions Team to ensure we design a care plan tailored to members’ unique treatment needs and goals.

Accessible Healthcare

We connect members to care within 24 hours of program admission. Members can access care from the comfort and convenience of their homes through a mix of in-person and virtual care.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Our Care Team utilizes evidence-based practices to help our members build the skills and healthy habits that contribute to improved quality of life and meaningful, lasting recovery.

No Cost to Members

Flourish Health's programs are available at no cost to eligible members and their families. We will not ask you for your credit card information nor will you be billed by your health insurance company.

Family Support

We provide families with the education and resources needed to understand, empathize with and support our members in their journeys toward improved quality of life and sustained recovery.

How to get started with Flourish Health

Contact us

Call 910-517-0097 or send us a message below to connect with our Enrollment Team and determine whether Flourish Health is a good fit for you and your loved ones.

Help Us Get to Know You

After confirming your eligibility, a member of our Care Team will schedule an initial call to share more about the program and learn about your treatment needs and aims

Meet Your Care Team

After designing your treatment plan, we will introduce you to the rest of your Care Team.

Think you or a loved one might be a good fit for Flourish Health?

Contact Flourish Health to learn more about our treatment and support programs and confirm your eligibility

Flourish Health is currently available at no cost to Medicaid members in Virginia and North Carolina with more states coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our programs are designed for those individuals who have early indicators serious mental illness (e.g., Schizophrenia, Bipolar I Disorder), significant mood, anxiety and trauma disorders as well as any individuals with SED designations, including those with DMDD and other behavioral disorders. If you’re unsure whether you or a loved one might be a good fit, please reach out by phone or email and a member of our Admissions Team will work with you to explore your options. 

Please contact the Admissions Team using the below form and we will work with you and your health insurance company to assess your eligibility for our programs. 

Flourish Health currently provides care to individuals living in Virginia and North Carolina. We’re actively working to expand our programs to additional states and will update this section as we continue to expand coverage.

Yes! For members whose access to Flourish Health’s programs is covered by their health insurance, at no point will Flourish Health ask you for your credit information nor will you be billed by your health insurance. 

Contact Flourish Health via the below form and a member of our Admissions Team will reach out to help assess whether the program is a good fit.

Why We Started Flourish Health

Today, over 95% of individuals under the age of 26 don’t have access to evidence-based care for serious mental health diagnoses, while 86% of families don’t have the resources or tools to support their kids. Furthermore, 61% of teens with a qualifying diagnosis are re-admitted to the hospital within six months of initial onset and 83% experience at least one significant episode re-occurrence within the first year of identification. The burden on families is significant, including loss of work days, challenging crisis management and long-lasting trauma.


A primary reason for these rising numbers is the lack of a cohesive, evidence-based system of care for teens and young adults with early indicators of SMI and other serious mental health disorders. Current models are siloed and hard to navigate. They are fragmented across multiple providers, characterized by long waitlists and are ill-equipped to incorporate appropriate technology, leading to devastatingly poor outcomes. 


By focusing exclusively on the care of these high-risk, transition-age individuals, we’re making significant inroads in changing health and quality-of-life outcomes for members and their families. We combine evidence-based care models with new advances in sensor technology and guarantee access to every qualifying member within 24 hours to a model that produces significantly better outcomes, more efficiently than traditional approaches.